Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What the hell is it with the Spanish and car parks?

Bedlam comment.

What the hell is it with the Spanish and car parks? They piss me off.

Everywhere you turn they're turning car parking areas into building plots and high-rise apartment blocks. I've seen it time after time in Calpe and Benidorm. What was once a neat little area for parking is suddenly ringed with wire-mesh fencing, then a building appears....

... And what does a high rise apartment mean.... loads more people .... and with people come cars. Are the planners REALLY so dense they can't see what's happening. Towns are becoming no-go areas for traffic - business is squeezed.

In Jalon (Xalo) there were two nice little areas for parking, then along came the developers and they shoved a medical centre on one of them - which brings in more people - with less places to park the bloody cars they come in. Just which thick-shit council member is responsible for planning this?

In the centre of Jalon (Xalo) are a few marked out parking spots, and what happens .... the bloody council allows one of the bars to shove table and chairs on them. Who the hell twisted their brain cells to come up with that one? I swear one of these days I'll ram my car into them.

I need to visit a medical clinic in the middle of Calpe next week, so today I went to find where it was. Could I find a parking spot .... could I hell. We drove around for ages until we spotted someone leaving a tiny slot ... and jumped in.

When will Spanish authorities realise that in the 21st century we NEED car parks. This isn't the middle ages where donkeys rule. In the UK you find car parks anywhere and everywhere, you put a coin in a slot and park up. People who run UK car parks actually MAKE money.

Surely it's not beyond Spanish intellect to grab a money making scheme when it's flaunted so obviously. Property is not selling, why not make money from parking spots?

Come on Mr. Spain. Build car parks not apartments, and charge people for parking on them. No one is buying your apartments. Car parks bring in money forever......

End of post - What the hell is it with the Spanish and car parks?

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