Friday, 3 July 2009

Amy Winehouse and the swimming pool

Bedlam - comment.

Jeez! AMY WINEHOUSE is at it again.

Management at the Caribbean resort where AMY WINEHOUSE is staying have now banned her from taking a swim in their pool.

Staff at the Cotton Bay holiday complex in St Lucia became concerned at AMY’s practice of taking a dip after lengthy drinking sessions. They were worried she might drown so banned her for safety reasons.

Apparently, staff came across AMY on several occasions crumpled on the grass by the pool after swimming.

One of the staff said, “She’s regularly drinking large quantities of wine and rum and no one in her condition should be going anywhere near water.”

And I agree entirely. It's about time Amy started behaving like a human-being instead of a prat. Just what will she get up to next?


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