Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More supermarket shit

Bedlam - comment.

Do you purchase fruit from a supermarket? We do, we get our stuff from Mercadonna. Why do the bastards insist on sticking germ-ridden labels onto soft fruit? It isn't just Mercadonna, it seems to be all supermarkets.

Is it the supermarkets, the distributors or the producers who slap them on? I've no idea, but it's so damn unnecessary. What does it do? What does it prove? All that happens is we scrape them off WITHOUT looking .

Future purchases.

We aren't damn well interested in what it says. We've already bought the stuff. We're not going to be swayed into buying more by a horrible sticky label. WE'RE MORE LIKELY TO BE PUT OFF PURCHASING IN THE FUTURE.

It's horrible!

We're the ones who have to scrub the damn fruit to get rid of the germs and bacteria trapped beneath. It's a VILE habit.

Mr. Supermarket Manager, listen to me. Even if it isn't you who's responsible, YOU have the power to do something about it.

It's a dirty, stupid, unnecessary and disgusting habit. Stop bloody doing it. Leave our fruit alone... Don't stick those disgusting little labels on.

End of post.

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