Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mercadona, Benissa, shit for Fruit and Veg


Why is it that Mercadona in Benissa, Alicante, has fruit and veg that is ALWAYS out of date? Is it all Mercadona stores that have fruit and veg that are out of date or do they dump their shit at Benissa. Do they think that because we live in a backwater of Spain that we are too stupid to realise?

It pisses me off that I can't get fresh fruit or veg from Mercadona that is actually fresh. Everything I pick up in the Benissa store is already past its sell-by date. Come on Mr. Supermarket Manager. Get your friggin' act together. Sell stuff that is actually FRESH, or you will lose all your customers.

To be honest, we've already stopped purchasing from the Benissa store. We've voted with our feet and are purchasing fresh stuff from other places.... i.e, MasyMas supermarket in Xalo where the stuff is actually within date, or the local market stalls, or Lidl. In fact we pick fruit and veg up from ANYWHERE in preference to Mercadona. They really are the pits.

Mercadonna fresh stuff is shit.

It's a shame, because other things in Mercadona are cheaper and better than a lot of places, but fresh stuff? They're having a laugh. It's almost gone off before you get it home.