Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Mas Y Mas Supermarkets are Dirty Bastards


Why - why oh why are Mas y Mas supermarkets such filthy, dirty, bastards.

We just picked up some apples from Mas y mas in Xalo and the dirty bastrds had sticky labels plastered on every single one.


We always wash apples before eating because we have no idea who handled them before us, and we want to be sure they are clean.

But sticky labels?   What for?  What purpose do they serve when you have already purchased the damn things

For some reason, the dirty bastards feel the need to glue whatever bacteria are around, to apple skins, to make sure we really become ill.

Well, fuck you Mas y Mas.

Keep your sticky bacteria to yourselves, we are capable of becoming ill without your help. Keep your fucking sticky labels to yourselves.

Mister Mas y Mas supermarket manager, keep ALL fruit, free of your fucking sticky labels. Stick your labels up your bacteria-ridden arse....