Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bedlam humour - The three prostitutes

Bedlam - Humour.

Wow! It's been exceptionally hot these last few days here on the Costa Blanca. It was still 37C (99F) at 7:30 pm last night - melting time. The pool is over 34C (93F), so there isn't a lot of respite there.

Jack Chambers emailed me another joke - maybe a bit on the dark side - but so what. Enjoy. It doesn't cool you off but it makes you smile.


Three Prostitutes, all hate life, make a pact to commit suicide together. They climb onto a tall building, and the first flops off, and lands on the pavement. It took a week to clean up her mess.

The second took a really high leap, and somersaulted onto a car. It took a month
to clean her up.

The third took an exceptionally high leap, and landed on a lamp-post. It took years to wipe the smile off her face!

Thanks for that Jack. Keep sending them in.

End of post - The three prostitutes.

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