Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The unfaithful wife

Bedlam Humour

Here's a joke from Fred Ashford. Hope you like it -

Feeling very depressed, a man walks into the clubhouse and orders a triple scotch.

"That's a big drink," says the steward pouring the drink. "Is there something wrong?"

"Well," says the man, knocking the drink back in one. "I got home and found my best friend fornicating with my wife."

"Goodness," says the steward. "No wonder you need a stiff drink." He reaches for the bottle. "The next one's on the club..... So what did you do?"

"I walked over to the wife and told her it was over. I told her to pack her bags and get out."

"That makes sense," says the steward nodding sympathetically. "But what did you say to your best friend?"

"Well," says the man, tears in his eyes, voice slurred with emotion. "I walked over to him, looked him straight in the eye and said, 'Bad dog!" and refused to take him for a walk even though he obviously wanted to."

End of post - The unfaithful wife.

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