Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Amy Winehouse, a bit of a dog

Bedlam comment.

Trouble seems to dog AMY WINEHOUSE!

Amy has now been forbidden to take in any more canines after infuriated management at the resort where she’s staying had to FUMIGATE her St Lucian home.

The disgraced singing sensation, living at the luxurious Cotton Bay Resort complex on St Lucia, had been adopting any old dog she found hanging around – building up quite a few members to her pack.

However, the crude kennels looked like giving problems and resort management had to step in for hygiene reasons.

The administrators became worried that a flea outbreak could occur which would affect other holidaymakers and the reputation of the holiday complex.

Subsequent to telling Amy Winehouse that she could no longer keep animals in her quarters, they thoroughly cleaned her suite as well.

Jeez! If someone had to clean MY place up for me, I’d be mortified.

What the hell would her home be like if she was like you and me, and had no one to clean up after her? What sort of dump-hole would her house become? You see slums where-ever you go in the world - would her home be one of them?

Come on Amy, get your act together. You've had a terrific break in life - I love your singing, I love your songs - for God's sake be grateful for what you have - stop squandering it.

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