Monday, 24 August 2009

Joke - It's all explained

Bedlam Humour.

Once again Fred Ashford has sent in a joke. Hope you enjoy.
Tyrone was visiting Leroy, discussing Leroy’s marital problems when Leroy’s doorbell rang. Leroy answered the door and was handed a paper which the delivery boy said was a subpoena. Leroy showed it to Tyrone and asked him if he knew what it was.

Tyrone in his pompous lack of knowledge said, “This here is a sub-peena.”

“I know that.... but what’s a sub-peena for?” Leroy asked.

“Well….” said Tyrone, turning it over in hs hands and studying it. “That’s law talk. Your wife is suing you for a deevorce. We know that ‘sub’ means ‘under’ and ‘peena’ is Latin for ‘penis’, so – ‘sub-peena’ mean under the penis.”

“And what’s that mean?”

“Man, it means she’s really got you by the short and curlies.”

Great one, Fred.

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