Monday, 24 August 2009

Joke - The Asian lady exchanging money

Bedlam - humour.

Jack Chambers is back in play after a short rest. He's submitted this joke. It's a good one


An Asian lady in Sydney goes in to her local American Express Branch and begins exchanging her money.

After the transaction is complete she frowns and asks the teller 'Why it different? Yesterday I get two hunat dollar for my money, today I only get hunat eighty?'

The teller looked over his glasses and says very slowly, '.....Fluctuations.'

The Asian lady narrows her eyes and says, 'Fluck you Aussies too. Now tell me why it different.'

Lol, Jack. Love it.



Sarah said...

Haha, "Fluck-you-asians". This is creative.

Anthony James Barnett said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. Glad it hit the mark. It's always nice to know that there REALLY are people out there...

Sarah said...

I find this really funny but this is not the only case with Asians. Being an Asian myself, I have heard funny things when it comes to English language.