Friday, 19 September 2008

Fish in boy's penis

Sometimes I find things on the internet that are absolutely incredible. This little gem, made me squirm.

Consultants ministering to a 14 year old boy from India were stunned to find a 2cm long fish in his bladder. It had apparently slipped in through his penis ( ).

Through his penis? Ouch. My eyes water for the poor little bugger.

The patient, who was admitted to the clinic with painful, trickling urine, and acute urinary retention, gave an interesting explanation.

Particulars of the circumstance, which was acknowledged in The Internet Journal of Urology, divulge that the patient claims the fish "slipped" into his penis while he was cleaning his aquarium. It seems he had it in his hand when he decided to go for a pee. The fish then'slipped in'.

Hang on! Who goes to the loo still holding a fish? Who actually holds a fish whilst they pee? Something sounds strange here. Was he experimenting?

Whatever, it's a nasty thing to happen. I don't suppose he'll bother doing it again!

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