Saturday, 13 September 2008

Publicity for book signing at Ondara

I've just spent a few hours designing and printing three different sizes of notices to publicize the fact I’ll be taking part in the mass book signing at Bookworld España, Ondara shopping centre.

I shoved the large ones in bars; medium sized ones in several shop windows, and the small ones….

….The small ones, I spent an hour or so stuffing small ‘flyers’ into about 60 newspapers in Jalón, Alcalalí and Parcent, before they were picked up. I also posted about twenty or thirty into letterboxes.

I’m about to drive to Bookworld to see if they’ll allow me to leave a container of bookmarks, as well. A week to go, so a few bookmarks with my name and novel on, might just be the right time to nudge people and help them remember!

I just hope after all this someone turns up.
I’m going to feel such a dib if I’m sitting there all on my lonesome!

Next post, Lauren Conrad.

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