Saturday, 6 September 2008

You've Been Framed

I don't know if I shall be making another guest appearance on tonight's, "The Funniest Ever You've Been Framed", but I've been included so many times, it's become ridiculous.

I suppose I could claim to be a Television Star, - except no one would know who the hell I am.

The clip of me first made it's appearance probably twelve or fourteen years ago. I'd ungraciously fallen off my collapsing plastic chair, yet spilled not a drop of precious Drambue from the glass in my hand. It's been broadcast regularly ever since.

For two whole seasons, it featured every week on a rotating mug, advertising, 'Maxwell House Coffee', at the opening of the show. So all in all it's becoming a grande-dame of clips.

Six years ago, an ex work-colleague emailed that he'd been in a hotel room with a young woman, when I appeared on the TV show, and it made him collapse with laughter. I think he blamed me for the lack of nuptials that night!

I went back to the UK for a visit about four years ago, and my ex-neighbours saw me and shouted that I'd been on "You've Been Framed", yet again, just a few moments earlier, and that they'd seen it dozens of times now, and would I kindly let someone else have a chance!

Last year, I had a note from the TV presenters, to say once more, it was going to be inlcuded in this season's line up.

How many more times will it be thrashed? I feel quite the star. I just wish I could capitalise on it, grab some publicity, use my appearances to sell more books or something!

I also wish I had royalties, but, like all "You've Been Framed" clips, I received a one-off payment of 250 pounds stirling. Yet, I suppose I should think myself lucky. The amount hasn't increased over the years, so it isn't exactly a fortune at the moment, not when you take depreciation into account.

Whatever, I guess I'll be tuning into the tele tonight to watch "You've Been Framed", to see if I'm still falling off the same old chair, on the same old balcony, just as my wife says, "Happy Holiday!".

The next post is, podcasting.

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