Sunday, 21 September 2008

Elephants, drugs and Amy Winehouse

Maybe there's chance for Amy Winehouse after all.

It seems that a four-year-old bull elephant has put several years of drug abuse at the hands of illegal traders on back-burn, thanks to a rehabilitation period on China's island province of Hainan.

After three years on a detox program and twelve months of methadone shots at five-times normal human dosage, the elephant was weaned off heroin. The dose was gradually decreased until he was completely off the drug.

So there you are Amy Winehouse ....
.... are you listening? If an elephant can be cured, so can you. Just get your arse off to China and let them have their wicked way with you. Just stop saying, "No, no no!"

I love your singing, I love your songs; please stop being a prat. You’ve got the chance; you’ve got the money billions of people would love to have. Use your time wisely or you might not have much left .... I'd hate to lose all those songs you could be singing!

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