Sunday, 7 September 2008

Car parking is anathema to the Spanish

Yesterday, I needed to pop down to the village, about 1.5 kilmetre away. I overlook Jalón, on the Costa Blanca, Spain, - a lovely spot.

By pop down, I mean in the car. Not that I'm against walking, it's just when I'm working, I want the pop-down to be quick. I went into the car park and took the last space. Wow, talk about luck!

Now, the car park issue over here, is a bit of a red-rag to me. There were two adjacent car park lots in the village, but just as the number of people in the locality swelled due to new urbanizations, (sanctioned, and encouraged, by the local council of course, - more income), the council took away the largest car park and allowed a medical centre to be built on it.

So, more people, less parking. Doesn't make sense does it, not to logical people at any rate.

Back to yesterday. The car park was full, but there were four abandoned cars on it - ignorant bastards. So I counted myself lucky to grab a spot. I then walked into the village centre, where there are a few other car parking spaces. These are ususally filled quite early, so I tend not to bother with them.

What did I find? Lo and behold, three of the car spots were taken up by empty chairs and tables, spilling over from a café.

Why is this sort of thing allowed. Car park spots seems to be anathema to the Spanish.

It's the same where ever you go around this area. Calpe, Javea, Benissa, Denia, go to any of these places, and where car park spots used to be available, there are now building sites. If you knew the area a few years ago, you'd think you were visiting a different place.

When are they going to realise that building blocks of apartments, brings in more people, who need more car park spaces. I sometimes think the council officials over here are as thick as shit.

Next post, you've been framed.

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