Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My interview on 'STAND'

I've just been interviewed on STAND, written by Cindy Price. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Cindy was a little shy about me being on her blog because, as she put it "My blog isn't read by many people". I told her, ANY publicity is good, and that I'd love to be on her blog. Thank you, Cindy, thank you for letting me into your circle of friends.

They say people need to see your name several times before they venture to buy your book. So all publicity is good. In fact ANY publicity is bloody fantastic. I wish every person who had a blog, no matter how small, would give me a slice of exposure.

Just think there must be a couple of million of those little blogs out there read by ten or more people. If I could appear on every one, what a fantastic boost that would be.... ten million people seeing my name, wow!

The terrible things is, if I were a murderer, my book would become an immediate best-seller, such is the power of the TV and public exposure. I only have the internet to go at. So any of you out there who fancy splashing my name on your blog, go ahead .... I'm here .... available, take me and do with me as you will !!!

Every single person who sees my name is one more person who MIGHT just pass on my name, and so on. They call it going 'viral' nowadays. It's about the only virus I fancy catching.

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