Thursday, 11 September 2008

Barack Obama is this the end of the road?

Will Obama's latest insensitive gaff, cost him the presidency? I couldn't believe my ears. I think he must be a prat of the highest order.

Barack Obama's "lipstick on a pig" remark fell easily from his tongue, prompted perhaps by Sarah Palin's own remark about lipstick distinguishing a hockey mom from a pit-bull. But, whatever the cause, will it spell the end of Obama?

It isn't necessarily the crass remark itself, bad as it is, but the other things that might fall from his tangled tongue. What Americans have to remember, is the mess-up he can cause if ever he takes supreme power. Which formidable toes might he tread very heavily upon? It might be an old saying from where he comes, but words can be misconstrued, he should know this. He should learn diplomacy.

Politicians really ought to engage their brains before speaking. This man clearly hasn't learned how.
What sort of daft shit is he to make the remark? Is he totally mad?

I rather suspect the man's politcal career has just ended. Still, it's better to find out now, rather than when he hold a class 'A' nuke in his hand!

I think he's just handed Sarah Palin and John McCain, the job on a plate.

Next post, geckos.

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