Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Cliff Richard and my wife. Fifty years in showbiz

We've just been watching 'Loose Women' on the TV.

Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard was the guest, talking about his incredible fifty year showbiz career. He shared his early fears and qualms, saying his first gig at Hanley, Stoke on Trent, made him really, really, nervous.

My wife
Wow! What a revelation. Guess what. My wife, Valerie, was there, but didn't even know Ciff Richard had never been on stage before, so he must have been the ultimate professional, even way back then.

I can't get over it, Cliff Richard's first gig, and Val was present. She recalls every detail, even down to the fact that he kept a comb in his back-pocket, which he took out several times and swept anxiously through his hair. She's talked about it several times, but never realised it was his first gig.

I wonder if he remembers the comb? I wonder if he remembers Val? She was the brunette with the single blonde streak, 10 rows back, third from the left. She had a loud voice.
If you read this, Sir Cliff Richard, please let me know!!!

Next post, book signing.

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