Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Parking, loud music and fiestas!

So, the silly season is upon us again – in full splendour

Warm nights (well bloody hot actually), blissful days, a myriad of visitors, who could ask for more?

Well I could actually!

For one thing, I can’t find a bloody place to park. The local resort of Calpe is a definite no-no for the next month or so. The usual places to park are crowded to overflowing, and of course, in Spain, no one thinks to provide more spaces to park to accommodate visitors.

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Instead what do they do? They build on vacant plots where we once parked. Parking lots in Spain seems to be anathema to councils. Wherever there’s an empty spot to park, they allow an apartment block to spring up – more visitors yet less places to park. Someone, somewhere, must be barking mad! Have they never heard of forward planning?

For another thing, it’s fiesta time. Now I’ve nothing against fiestas, I think they’re a wonderful continuation of a social event that must go back several hundred years. Good luck. I enjoy watching them. However, what I DON’T enjoy, is the stupidly loud music afterwards. It doesn’t START at about 1am and goes on until 6am or 7am. The bloody amplified row is terrible .... and it goes on for a WEEK. A whole week of damn noise pollution, no wonder a lot of friends choose to go back to the UK during this period. It drives you mad!

A few years ago, the music was so loud at around 4am that, even with all window and doors closed (and the night so hot and sticky that you want all windows thrown open), AND with all wooden shutters to windows closed, the music was HORRENDOUS. I had to pour olive oil in my ears and put cotton wool in to try and keep the sound down – and I live nearly 2 km from the village. How can things like that be allowed?

You’re not telling me it’s traditional. No way! Amplified music of that volume has only been possible for the last ten years or so. Brass bands, yes. Woodwind, yes! Amplified shit, NO!

Why do councils allow it - because they’re pandering to the teenage element that makes up a lot of the visitors. Sod the locals; bring in money from visitors – what a bloody attitude.

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