Wednesday, 6 August 2008

So the photo scoop was too much.

Okay! I put my hands up.

They've won. The guys that have been stalking have browbeaten me into submission.

I told you a few posts ago that I believed I was under IT surveillance – I have a little gizmo that lets me know if a question has been posed to gain access to this blog. It tells me where a visitor comes from, what distance they are from me, what page they entered and left by, etc. The information is improve my blog, to let me know what posts are most popular – what YOU like to read and why.

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However, strange people have visited the blog by posing a question into Google, not by words like you or me. They’ve been querying by PICTURE – and it’s always the SAME picture. How the hell do they DO that? How do they know about the picture? It can only come from people who know the secret I exposed – and have the same photographic evidence.

I’d reported something high-level you see, something no one else in the media reported. The information had been passed to me with photographic evidence - so I published it on the blog. I thought I had a scoop - I did have. The scoop was too good. I already knew a media blackout had been thrown around it. In hindsight I suppose was a little foolish – a little naive.

The photographic query on my blog wasn’t from one single place. The query came from numerous countries, but always the same query….

They were more insistent too. After a number of repetitive ‘shows’ on the same day, I suddenly couldn’t gain access to my two blogs, nor my website. Different hosts run them so there was no similarity there. I could access other blogs on the same host as mine, so it wasn’t a host problem. It wasn’t a computer problem because I was free to use anything other than my own blogs or web – I couldn’t even look at them – a message stated “Windows denies access” - no one else could possibly see my blogs either.

The problem resolved the following day, and I just thought I’d had silly problems.

However, I had several more visits via photographic query, each time insidiously closer – 56 km away eventually. Suddenly, again after several more visits on the same day, I couldn’t access the Internet. I checked the usual; I ran diagnostics – which told me to contact my server. No one else had a problem.

I put my computer onto dial-up and found it was only ADSL access that was denied. A few hours later I was miraculously back on line, no apparent problem.

I conclude that some interested party has more power and influence than I can dream of. I have trodden on toes that should never be trodden on. My wrists have been gently slapped. They have let me know what they can do if I continue showing the posts.

I have no wish to lose my Internet connection. I am NOT a crusading journalist with the might of the media behind me – I am a lone author. I blog for interest.
I’ve done the only thing I can. I’ve now removed the offending posts.

Maybe now the stalking will stop.

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