Friday, 29 August 2008

Incapability Brown and the death threat

Ishaq Kanmi, and brothers Abbas Iqbal, and Ilyas Iqbal were detained in custody earlier this month over threats made on an Islamic website which is understood to have links to al-Qa'eda ….

But I'm wondering .... was it al-Qa'eda, or was it a frustrated pensioner’s organization?

You see, I have this theory, maybe it wasn't a middle-east backed terror plot. Perhaps it wasn’t a death threat after all, just someone who got mad at Gordon Brown for his rape of British pensions.

Incapability Brown's notorious "pension stealth tax" has reduced the value of retirement funds by at least £100 billion and it could have just got up someone’s nose a little bit too much. Perhaps it was their way of getting back at him - after all, how can someone who destroyed every pensioner’s standard of life, be allowed to sit on, so richly and smugly, as prime minister?
To be honest, Gordon Brown and his smugness piss me off. He stole money from those who could afford it least then had the audacity to sneak his way to the country's top job, by the back door.

Kanmi, from Blackburn, has been charged with soliciting murder and being a member of al-Qa'eda. It was also claimed that Kanmi invited backing for terrorist publications.

Abbas Iqbal, was charged with spreading terrorist pamphlets and with custody of an article used for the training or initiation of terrorism.

His brother Ilyas appeared on a similar charge. All three men denied the charges.

Okay, I admit it, maybe it is a bit extreme for pensioners after all. At the end of the day, the middle-east bad-guys are getting exactly what they deserve - and quite rightly too - they should have their balls ripped off.

But what about Incapability Brown? What will he be charged with? At the end of HIS day, will HE get what he deserves? When the General Election crops up, and it's time to put crosses on papers, I hope the country remembers Incapability Brown's rape of the British pension funds.

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