Monday, 4 August 2008

Snobs, Jobs and all that crap

One of the things that pisses me off, is people pretending to be better than they are - snobs.

Living in Spain, a certain element of people seem to take great pleasure in playing a game of guess, not all of them by all means, but some certainly do. Some people pretend to come from exotic backgrounds and be something better than they really are.

Balls! It pisses me off.

Why can't they admit they're working class? Is there something wrong with earning money? If you earn money, you're working class. Don't smudge the issue by splitting your life into lower, middle, or upper working class. You either earn money, or you have fantastically rich parents and won't be reading this piece of garbage.

I'm a working class lad and proud of what I've achieved. I earned my spurs. I started with nothing, my parents had nothing, my dad's job was boiler attendant.

I was lucky enough, once adult, to take a degree, I placed a tentative foot on a ladder, but it didn't elevate me to a different sphere. I earned my degree. It was bloody hard work. It wasn't a God-given part of life. It took effort.

It doesn't make me less though, in fact it makes me more. Before I took early retirement from my job, and being part of a development team, I had a budget of almost 2 milliion pounds. It wasn't MY money though, I had to spend it extremely wisely or someone, some faceless man with more power than most of us can dream of, would have chewed my balls and spat them into the gutter.

It didn't make me better having a say of how the money was spent, it didn't mean I was in some higher class of society. I was a man with a job, and I did what I had to do, otherwise I'd have ended on the scrapheap.

No matter what our job, no matter what our position, we are tiny in the greater scheme of things. We all shat our nappies, we'll all die.

For heaven's sake, get a grip on reality! Stop trying to be something you aren't!

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