Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Ascendancy of Stephenie Meyer

The ascendancy of Stephenie Meyer into the realms of super writer with her Twighlight books, isn’t merely due just to her acute imagination – although it helped of course. She also understood from the beginning, how to tie with readers over the Internet and galvanize THEM into expanding her network.

Since Stephenie wrote the first Twilight book back in 2005, she has communicated with readers on social networking sites, such as MySpace and joined online discussion groups.

Excited fans have stuck up for her books on Amazon and even set up their own sites, such as Twilight Lexicon and TwilightMOMS. It seems once a critical mass of people support something, it takes on a life of its own and becomes viral.

All this has pushed sales of the series to 7.5 MILLION books. "Other authors have pockets of fans online, but nothing to this extent," says Trevor Dayton, a vice-president at Indigo, Canada's leading bookseller. "Stephenie Meyers Twilight series is the first social networking best seller."

I just wish I could find something similar – so fans, if you feel like making my book viral, go ahead. I won’t stand in your way, in fact I’ll help all you wish!

If I a little sound envious, maybe it’s because I am!

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