Saturday, 23 August 2008

Writing, Sport, and the world of Michael Phelps

Pay attention, book world, Michael Phelps is going for the gold, except this time it has nothing to do with sport. This time Michael is planning to sweep to victory in bookstores.

…. And it pisses me off.

It’s a sad fact that success in the literary world has little to do with writing prowess, more to do with celebrity status, and Phelps has plenty of that. It’s yet one more smack in the face to legitimate authors. It makes a mockery of the years we spend building our writing skills.

The winner of 14 gold medals and seven world records is planning to write a book about his journey from a single-parent household to becoming perhaps the most celebrated U.S. Olympic athlete. I acknowledge his prowess, I bow down to his ability, but why does he have to muscle in our world?

The certain best seller by Phelps, is scheduled to be released by Free Press, in December. I know I’m crabbing, but who gives a shit. Authors work damn hard to gain a smidgen of recognition. It simply isn’t fair. I only made the best selling list for a few hours. He'll be there for months.

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