Sunday, 24 August 2008

Walking the Dog

One of the things that gets up my nose is those people who walk dogs with extra long adjustable leads.

It isn't the fault of the dogs, they just want to walk hither and thither, but the damn things always become tied up around my legs. Maybe it's just that dogs like me!!!

You can see them every day, owners letting pooches run where ever they wish - and dogs love it. They feel free, which of course is just what they are - free to make a nuisance of themselves.

Why can't owners keep them under control? Why allow dogs to occupy so much space - because occupy space they do. The dog and owner take up several meters of pavement, and no one can get in. It's rather like waving a huge stick, making sure no one gets close.

Well just take note. Keep your bloody dogs under control. I'm not saying don't use an adjustable lead, I'm not suggesting you shouldn't allow your dog the enjoyment of a free walk, BUT shorten the lead IMMEDIATELY anyone else is in the vicinity.

Come on Dog Owners. Stop being so bloody ignorant.

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