Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Contemporary romance or not, that's the mystery

So what do I know?

I thought I was writing a mystery. I had it all planned out, all the events, characters .... everything.

I wrote my heart out. I was satisfied. It was submitted and accepted.... Wow....

Then it was published.

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I had quite a surprise. It appears my 'mystery' isn't a 'mystery' at all. My 'mystery', has been categorized under contemporary romance novels. That's where you'll find it in Amazon, B&N, WHSmith, and uncle Tom Cobberly and all.

Now I have nothing against contemporary romances novels. Each to their own. But I thought Without Reproach was a mystery.

I hold my hands up

The press were adamant that I'd written a 'steamy' contemporary romance novel. In fact FIVE newspapers called it a 'Steamy Romance'.

Okay, I hold up my hands and admit it contains sex, quite explicit I suppose, but tasteful - I hope. It sort of fell in as it was required. It wasn't planned, it just happened - just like it does in life.

Whatever, I can live with it. I'm now the proud owner of Without Reproach, one of the world's Contemporary Romance Novels - but if you want to read a mystery ....

End of post - Contemporary romance or not, that's the mystery

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