Sunday, 3 August 2008

Renault undressed?

So what is happening in the Renault mogul's household today?

For normal couples, the first thing to do after their honeymoon, is to lose a few of those pounds piled on by too much cake and ‘nibbles’ at the wedding ceremony. Not so for the sensational, new, Mrs Flavio Briatore.

Elisabetta Gregoraci commemorated her wedding to the Renault sovereign, by posing for a men’s magazine in her underwear – not the sort of thing I’d have liked MY wife to do. Maybe I’m a little old fashioned?

Elisabetta is ‘figured’ in a photo spread in Interviu, which has a history of snapping the well heeled and eminent, in the least amount of dress they can get away with.

Nice for us, not so clever for Mr. Renault – or maybe he gets a kick out of that sort of thing?

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