Wednesday, 13 August 2008

John Ray arrested in China

So when China says it will allow free press, what it means is, free as long as you don't film or report anything they don't want you to.

The Law Mongers of China, arrested British TV reporter, John Ray and physically man-handled him after he tried reporting a Free-Tibet protest.

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He was bundled into a van and whipped away. His shoes and kit-bag were taken from him as if he were a common criminal. His crime. To show the attrocities that China wants to keep secret.

What is it all about? Freedom? There's no such thing in China.

As we all expected, the Olympic are turning into a farce. All they ever wanted was a slice of publicity for their guilt ridden state.

There is NO free reporting. No freedom of speech. No freedom of movement. All they want is a picture of tranquility to be displayed to the world - - and if it isn't, clamp down like a ton of shit.

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