Saturday, 30 August 2008

Regus leaves Britain, Darling to blame.

Regus becomes the third business this week to declare that it is to move out of the country because of taxes. Asset manager Henderson and engineer Charter are relocating to Ireland where the tax regime is business oriented and Regus is transfering to Luxembourg.

10 years of Labour control, has left us with some of the highest business tax rates in Europe. I’m a mere working class lad, but I can see quite clearly that Labour are ruining us – I wish they were called something other than Labour. The name carries connotations of belonging to the working class – WRONG – it is a misconception brought about, and nurtured, quite deliberately by spin-doctors.

It pisses me off to see our great nation going down the drain. First Incapability Brown (as chancellor) made paupers out of pensioners – now Darling makes a pig’s ear of the business sector. What else is left? We are now a nation grasping for straws. We are drowning in shit.

Without business, we are well and truly shafted! Every man and his dog (except Labour dogs), understands this quite clearly.

In a letter to Alistair Darling (Labour chancellor), George Osbourne (shadow chancellor), says that the decision by service provider Regus to leave, is more evidence of the damage done by the confusion caused over the business tax regime.

Come on Darling. Extract your finger from your arse and let someone who understands what life is about, take over – oh, and whilst you’re at it, take Incapability Brown with you.

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