Saturday, 2 August 2008

What is rssHugger?

So just what is rssHugger about?
  • Well, it is totally manually reviewed – no auto computerized acceptance here.
  • It’s quite new, yet already boasting over 400 feeds AND each has been verified to make sure it's family friendly.
  • Each site has to pay a fee or post a review of the site. The benefit being, as more site owners ask to be listed, they'll direct more readers to the rssHugger directory.
  • In any good pyramid, it pays to be in on the ground floor, which is where I hope I’m close to.
  • It has a Top 100 review scheme that is reset each month. At this moment it only requires a couple of dozen views to get in the top 100, which is another reason to be in on the ground floor – which is where I hope I’ll stay. Take a look. You’ll see me nibbling away.
  • It gives readers a manually vetted, quality listing of blogs to choose from

Can't be bad.

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