Sunday, 22 June 2008

Noisy Lemmings!

Well .... It's silly season again. The holiday makers are on us, the lemmings have landed.

The villa close to us (when I say close I mean 300 metres. not REALLY close) has visitors. Tonight they decided to have some sort of party, and what do you know - noise. Noise, bloody noise! It pisses me off.

Why do people behave so selfishly - is it only me that suffers? The row they made was ridiculous. Someone had an electric guitar they thought they could play, and I'm sure a cat actually screached into a microphone.

They were clapping - I think. They may have been slapping each other with wet fish I suppose, but that's probably wishful thinking.

Why insist on inflicting it all on us? We have our own music to listen to whilst eating our evening meal. Okay, so you might think we're just as bad, but I checked .... there was no indication we even had it on at the perimeter of our garden, never mind 300 metres away. I have no wish to listen to someone else's choice. Why do they want to force their shit on us?


For God's sake folks. Turn the f*****g music down. Consider your neighbours.

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Simon Haynes said...

Just saw you on Yahoo Answers .. then followed the link to your blog and saw you're on the Costa Blanca. I grew up in Alfaz Del Pi, although I live in Western Australia now.

We have loud, thoughtless neighbours too. Sometimes it's 2am and the music is still pounding away - it's not like they have any taste either, and they certainly can't sing.