Sunday, 29 June 2008

Take the dogs for a walk please, dear!

Bedlam - comment

I’ve seen it all now.

So there we were, tooting along between Llibér and Senija, along twisty Spanish roads, steep drops to the side, beautiful scenery. The sun bright, the sky cloudless, the road empty except for the little old lady just in front of us.

I couldn’t believe it. She was on one of these tiny automatic motor scooters, togged up to the eyeballs in helmet etc, hair streaming out from beneath the helmet …. And running by the side of her, barely keeping pace, were a couple of little terriers.

They were tied to the scooter with leads, short legs going ten-to-the-dozen, tongues hanging out, and breath coming short and fast.

Gives rather new meaning to, taking the dogs for a run, doesn’t it?

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