Thursday, 5 June 2008

Supermarket Shit

I always thought customers were special people who had to be considered at all times. A manufacturing company I used to work for had huge banners around the site proclaiming, "The Customer Is King".

Quite right too. Without customers there is no business. Customers pay wages!

So why is it that Spanish supermarkets haven't heard of it?

Maybe not all supermarkets, I can only speak as I find, but the supermarkets I'm unfortunate enough to frequent, have staff who are bloody ignorant.
  • They re-stack the shelves whilst we're shopping, in such a manner that we have to wriggle around them.
  • They clean the floors whilst we are shopping, and WE have move out of their way. It's a case of 'we've got a job to do', you're only shopping.
  • They leave pallets in the aisle so we can't get around and have to reverse down the aisle.
  • They stand in the way chatting so we have to go another way.

The attitude in Spanish supermarkets pisses me off. Maybe I have bad experiences, but surely they can't ALL be like that? Do supermarkets deliberately choose ignorant bastards. Maybe it's self perpetuating, maybe ignorance begets ignorance!

Take note Mr. Supermarket Manager ... The first supermarket to have pleasant, helpful staff will sweep the rest of you away. Take a leaf from British companies, The Customer Is Always Right!

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