Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Stupid Criminals

Bedlam - comment

There's nothing I like better than reading about stupid criminals. I detest criminals, and as far as I'm concerned, a laugh at their expense is worth repeating.

One such stupid low-life, caught breaking into a German supermarket, escaped despite being handcuffed to railings. A security guard thought he'd safely fastened the man. However by the time police arrived, the low-life scum had escaped.

Thick as the yob was, he ran to a nearby police station to get the cuffs removed.

Arriving at the police station, he told officers he'd been locked up as a joke, and asked for help. The officers at first believed him, 'also laughing at the man's apparent misfortune,' police said. However, after pressing him for details they suspected something was amiss.

After questioning, the man confessed.

I'd like to congratulate them on whatever interviewing techniques they used!!!!

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