Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Give Her a Call !!!

I like to hear a woman with a sultry voice - don't we all - it can be a toe-tingling experience. For some, however, it goes beyond reason.

Apparently a man in Japan has been arrested for calling a free number 500 times in 16 months just because he wanted to listen to the woman's voice .... and it wasn't even a human on the other end, it was a recording ....

What sort of saddo is he? It's seems to me to be along the lines of blow-up dolls ....

The 38-year-old , was arrested after he'd made 3,100 hours worth of free calls to the company, costing it almost 4 million yen ($38,730) in phone bills.

A police spokesman in Takasaki, northwest of Tokyo, said. "He gets excited by the woman's voice on the tape," adding that the voice sounded nothing out of the ordinary to the him.

Maybe the officer just isn't a connoisseur .... or maybe he's just normal!

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