Thursday, 19 June 2008

Get 'em Tagged

So there I was, browsing the garden centre, plants here, there, everywhere. Some I fancied, some not - yet everytime I found one I fanced it had NO price tag. The stuff I wasn't interested in had price tags falling out all over the place - so what's the score?

It gets on my nerves, I'm naffed off with it. I don't actually scream and shout, to be honest I don't even tell the owners, but I do get annoyed. Why don't they put prices on EVERYTHING?

What's the criteria for shoving a tag on? Do they think we'll go chasing after them for the things we want? Will they then bump up the price if we're interested? WRONG! I walk away. I vote with my feet. Will they learn from it? No! I just make a point.

It's probably my own fault, I suppose I should face the owners and tell them, or at least ask them why they do it.... yet why should I? It's their problem if buyers go to the garden centre down the road.... and it isn't confined to garden centres either, there seems to be a growing trend of keeping customers in the dark.... mushroom treatment perhaps....

Come shop owners, get your act in shape. You don't know how many people are like me and simply walk away if you don't display the price of your goods. Get 'em taggged!

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