Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Extremists and the Right to Write

From STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, we learn the Swedish municipality has given an exiled Bangladeshi author, sanctuary. Taslima Nasreen will thankfully be allowed to work for about two years.

Nasreen fled Bangladesh after extremists threatened to execute her.

Member of Parliament, Cecilia Wikstrom, has explained the writer has been conceded refuge in Uppsala. The concession includes a condo, financial subsidy and the opportunity to work in Sweden for two years.

I can only thank God there are people around who are humane and prepared to offer help. What is it with these bloody Islamic extremists? Why can't we all have our say without death threats. Balls to fanatics! Fanatics make me fanatical. It's self perpetuating.

The bastards are crazy. Their doctrine seems to preach that it's okay for them to go around KILLING people, as long as writers don't write things they don't like!

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