Sunday, 1 June 2008

Star Line-up

It seems the French set their sights REALLY high - they look to the stars for ispiration!

French coach, Raymond Domenech has some big decisions to make when selecting his sides. Does he stick with the players who have experience but whose powers are waning, or does he play his young, dynamic and athletic ones?

NEITHER! He goes by black magic.

Raymond Domenech has some decidely odd predilections .... including a love of astrology - and I believed the French were into women!!!

He's apparently declared he won't put Scorpios in the team and that Leos make bad defenders.

Christ! Aren't a player's skill, ability and teamwork, supposed to be deciding factors in choosing who does what? I thought mumbo-jumbo had long since been given the elbow - shows how wrong I can be!

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