Thursday, 19 June 2008

Council Bully Boys

A Suffolk woman has been ordered to decorate the outside of her white, listed cottage - and it's got to be PINK.

Holly Bellingham was told by council bullyboys, that she must 'maintain the character' of the 15th century building, in Lavenham, Suffolk. BLOODY PINK? I ask you!

She’s reluctantly agreed, but when asked, commented that the order risked turning the beautiful village into a 'medieval Disneyland', and I couldn't agree more.

The overbearing council said it wanted the cottages to be the same colour because they used to be part of a single building. A council spokesman pleaded: "We have written to Mrs Bellingham, requesting that she complies with the listed building consent. Our aim is to ensure numbers 7 to 9 Water Street, have the same pale pink exterior colourwash, as this was originally one building, to distinguish them from the adjoining properties."

Distinguish them? Make them bloody outstanding I should think. I think this is a case of heavy-handed bureaucrats pushing their weight around.

Why does power, always seem to attract stupid bastards that want to force their opinions on the unsuspecting public? The answer lies in our hands. VOTE THEM OUT!

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