Monday, 9 June 2008

Japanese Bully Boys!


Japanese Sumo Wrestler, Rikishi Toyozakura, posing with cast members of the Treasure Island show during the Japan Sumo Association's official USA Grand Sumo Tournament in Las Vegas.

He looks a happy chappy, but beneath that cheeky grin is a vicious streak. Toyozakura attacked an eighteen year old apprentice with a cooking ladle. The attack, left the dazed young man needing several stitches.

34-year-old bully boy, Toyozakura said, "I asked him to do something. I don't remember exactly, but he couldn't do it".

SHIT! When I was an apprentice I expected the guys to SHOW me how to do it, not attack me because I couldn't. What sort of ARSE is he? What's training about for chrissake!

If there's one thing that's guaranteed to piss me off, it's bullying! I can't do with the bastards, especially a two-ton load of shit like this.

His punishment is a 30 percent pay cut, which will be in effect for three months. It seems this sort of thing is a regular event. Only a short while ago, another sumo wrestler took a pay cut for beating a junior with a bamboo sword. The brutal episodes are the most recent in a series of discomforting episodes for the sport of sumo, which is beset by scandal. Maybe it’s because of this that its appeal seems to be waning in Japan.

Not soon enough by the sound of it!

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