Monday, 10 November 2008

The Frenchman, a toilet, and his mobile phone

Bedlam Humor

In the shit. I had to laugh when I heard about this - but it's TRUE, honest. Not a joke.
A rather dejected Frenchman delayed a train by two hours after he got his arm trapped in the toilet trying to rescue his cell phone.
I ask you! Who in their right mind puts their hand in a toilet for a mobile phone. The damn thing isn't going to work afterwards. 
It seems he was a passenger on a crowded high-speed train from Paris to La Rochelle. A feature of train's toilets is a powerful suction discharge system. Unhappily, the system ended up sucking the man's arm in after he probed around in it to retrieve the cell phone.
It took fire officers an hour to rescue him from the train. He was eventually carried out on a stretcher - with the toilet still stuck to his arm. They proceeded to cut him loose from the toilet on the platform.
Besides predictable bruising and an unfortunate but disgusting smell, the man is reported to be ok.
Can they remove the shit from his brain as well, I wonder?


End of - The Frenchman, a toilet, and his mobile phone

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