Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Beijing and Woeser's writing

Bedlam Viewpoint.

So! You think you have it bad, as a writer. You think you have to struggle - read this and think again.

Devotion to writing.

In Beijing - Woeser's devotees have cause to be extremely worried that she'll soon be thrown into prison for her outspoken words..... Now that's devotion to writing...

The celebrated Tibetan writer has sued the Chinese government. She's scrutinizing the March uprising in Tibet. She speaks about the repression that a lot of Tibetans feel, which contravenes the official line that they like Chinese rule – and all of this from a modest, high-rise apartment in Beijing.

Prohibits her work.

The government there prohibits her work. However, from Tennessee to Tibet, her fans hang on every unofficial poem, essay, and blog. To them, she endangers her life to tell the "real" Tibetan story – a narrative that unites the Tibetan community even as it diverges over politics, a hot topic this week at a rare summit in Dharamsala, India, called by the Dalai Lama.

Would you do it?

My writing is important to me, but I have to ask myself what I'd do in a similar situation. Would I martyr myself for a belief, for a cause?

Would you?

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