Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Stradivarius secret unlocked

Bedlam Viewpoint.

Stradivarius unlocked.

Drink....Drugs.... Funny mushrooms? Has the Stradivarius secret finally been unlocked?

Some experts suggest the secret behind a Stradivarius violin is in the varnish…. except studies have showed Stradivarius used ordinary furniture varnish. Some believe the wood used in making the instruments was treated to protect it from woodworm and fungi, and this gave it the inimitable sound.

Stradivarius Mushrooms

Whatever, it’s all to no avail, because a Swiss researcher has hit on an unlikely way of recreating the unique sound. He treats the wood of a replica instrument with mushrooms and away he goes…. a Stradivarius.

Is this what Stradivarius did? Were funny mushrooms behind it after all? I know they were popular in the sixties and things sometimes sounded strange after a few musicians experimented, but surely, that was down to them being blown out of their minds.

Maybe it affects violins as well…. Or maybe the fumes just make the player better…. Or did Stradivarius just eat them before making his instruments!!!!

Way to go man...

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Jo said...

Many of the artists that we revere today were substance abusers and/or chemically imbalanced in some way...research shows there is a very strong link between madness and creativity. Using furniture polish was just another way to get high and unlock the creativity.

Anthony James Barnett said...

I think the link stopped with me... I'm just mad.

Jo said...

The fact that you refuse to acknowledge your creative streak is evidence enough that you are delusional :)

Anthony James Barnett said...

Was that a bouquet or a brickbat?

Jo said... dont toss it away!

Anthony James Barnett said...

Jo, I've just become your biggest fan.