Monday, 28 July 2008

All things wild and beautiful


Aren’t wild things great!

So there, we were, tooting back to Jalon, from Benissa, navigating the winding road, headlights full blaze, when it stepped out in front of us - a wild boar. No wonder it had a leg poking out at an angle that should be impossible – it had no road sense.

We swerved, braked, and swore, but the wild boar didn’t budge - talk about bedlam!

We told some friends about it, they said, ‘we know the people that hit it. You should see the state of their car’.

A few months later, we came across a herd of boar, a full family of the wild, black and curly. We had to stop to let them cross the road, a queue of traffic – no rush, no panic, no awareness of the fuss they caused – wild things huh! Don’t seem to understand about important schedules like going to a music show.

A week or so ago, I was travelling up the narrow lane to my Spanish villa – daylight this time, when lo and behold, trotting towards me, in the middle of the lane, was another boar – full regalia – bristles, curly horns, black snout – and it wasn’t about to give way to an upstart of a Renault Megane. It didn’t even veer.

Eventually we came to be bonnet to snout, so to speak - and still it didn’t move. It stood it’s ground like a prize gladiator.

I half expected to feel a thump as it charged the front grill – luckily, it didn’t. Eventually I hammered the horn and the sound must have made it inquisitive because it trotted to the side to see what the fuss was about.

Needless to say, I put my foot down and left it wondering what was going on. I’ve decided boars are best left to their own devices.

But as grumpy as wild beasts are, ain't they wonderful....

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