Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Final Reckoning

So! The day has finally arrived. I knew it would happen sometime, it's been predicted since my younger days when Dan Dare flashed through the universe in 'The Eagle'.

Robots are taking over.

Sega and Hambro have revealed their latest, 73 centimetre (2.4 feet), 'must-have' addition to the home. A dancing robot, Ampbot. It does all the usual daft dancing routines like bobbing its head and dancing around with flashing lights in it's head - just like my favourite uncle at weddings.

Sorry guys. You'll have to sit it out. The lady's been taken to the floor by robodancer.

What next I wonder? A robot bed-mate? (Did I hear the lady shout she's already got one - what does she mean?)

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