Thursday, 24 July 2008

Joining in with rssHugger

I have just subscribed to something quite new, - and I'm advocating you to do just the same.

I've established a reputation for not entering into things lightly, so you might be wondering what I’ve undertaken and why I should encourage you to do the same.

What is this committment? – It’s rssHugger

What the HELL is that, I hear you shout. Well, it’s a scheme to help people who blog, meet people who read blogs. People like you and me. It’s why you’re reading Bedlam, and I’m writing it.

Why have I done it? What benefits are there?

Well, for blog owners:-

  • It raises awareness of the blog

  • It sends visitors to the blog

  • It shares traffic with the community

  • The blog becomes part of the RSS community

  • It builds links for blog posts to help with search engine optimization

  • It allows new RSS subscribers interested in the blog to view the content on a regular basis.

For readers:-

  • You can find blogs that interest you

  • You can easily subscribe to many blogs

  • You can skim over hundreds of blogs to find what suits you

  • YOU have the choice - if you don't like Bedlam, there are hundreds to choose from.

A win, win situation. No cost, no problems. Give it a whiz. I'm all for freebies that actually help.

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End of post - rssHugger.

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