Saturday, 19 July 2008

Gas for sex?

Bedlam Humour 

The Shady Lady Ranch

To my mind, sex and gasoline make a potent mix . Wow! Think of the consequence! A mind-blowing experience? Hump then pump? A flash grind - bedlam in the extreme?

Clients of Shady Lady Ranch will get a $50 (25 pound) gas voucher for each one hour's worth of sex services. Nevada brothel keeper, James Davis says his offer of gas for sex is "Rocking along."

Rocking isn't what comes to MY mind!

"We're doing quite well. June and July historically are not big months for sex," explains Davis, who is co-owner of the brothel along with his wife Bobbi.

Not BIG months? Big for what? The connotations are endless. Is someone taking the piss? Is someone yanking my plonker?

It seems not. The news comes from an impeccable source - Yahoo!

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