Thursday, 10 July 2008

More Supermarket Shit!

They've done it again. Just what it is about supermarket managers that makes them so stupid.

When will they realise that changing stock around absolutely pisses people off. We went to Mercadona at Benissa this afternoon. Usual trip, week's shopping, takes us about 45 minutes .... except the bastards had changed it around, swapped stuff, moved things.

I've returned home in a terrible mood. Is it a prerequisite that ALL supermarket managers have amoeba for brains. Their heads must be scrambled to upset customers the way they do. My first reaction was to swear voluably, then head for the exit. I didn't, my wife calmed me down, but I was in a foul mood.

WHY do they do it?? WHY keep changing the bloody stock around??


Shoppers are creatures of habit. We know what we want. We won't buy extra because you've been imbecilic enough to make a mess of everything, WE BUY LESS because we're pissed off and head for home as soon as possisble.

Get it into your stupid bloody head will you Mr. Supermarket manager. Leave things alone.

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