Thursday, 10 July 2008

Don't dare have an emergency!

Bedlam - comment

Two hours! Two bloody hours!

Okay so it didn't directly affect me, but it's the principle that counts. The lane to my villa is narrow and vehicles can only pass at certain points. Most people understand and respect the situation.

Road Rage Incident

Today was different, for TWO HOURS bulk concrete mixers delivered product to a huge overhead concrete pump feeding a rebuild. The lane was blocked. No one could move. Did the Spanish workers care? Did they buggar! The bastards blithely carried on despite the blaring horns and angry waves and build up of traffic.

There seems to be something wrong with the mentality of a lot of people over here. It's a case of "I've got my job to do". Inconvenience matters not a jot. Emergencies? God forbid - emergencies aren't allowed when Spanish workers are at large!

Suppose you were going to the airport, suppose you were ill and the doctor couldn't get through? I think if I'd had an emergency I'd probably have dragged the bastards from their cabs and driven the damn thing over the wall.

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