Sunday, 27 July 2008

What idiot is in charge of sound?

So, who hit the volume control?

Who decided to put an idiot in charge of sound quality?

It seems to me that TV program directors need a lesson in sound control. The bloody music is too loud and drowns out speech. The sound quality is too muffled. Every damn TV program that comes on my wife says 'What are they saying?' She reaches for the volume control and THAT makes it worse. JEEZ!!! - bedlam!

For heavens' sake, get a grip on the sound. Put a guy in control who understands that CONTENT is the important issue, NOT music, NOT volume. Music should be a supplement not the main theme.

I thought it was me. I thought I had a crappy TV set-up (yet it's one of the top brands). It appears not. I've just contributed to a Yahoo article where DOZENS of people are saying the same thing.

Come on TV directors and film directors. GET THE MESSAGE .... People are fed up of the sound quality you’re pouring out. Turn down the music; bump up the excellence. Get rid of the muffled shit and give us good programs....

For God's sake, you're paid enough.... get it right!

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